Friday, June 5, 2009

Encaustic Painting - week 9

Here are your images. Next week's events and "tips" are at the bottom.

Barbara - Texture 1

Krissy - School Days

Elizabeth - Pudding Stone, close up

Lisa - Easy Maze

Lisa - Inverse

We'll continue with what we've been doing. I'll demonstrate attaching the cleat to the plexiglas, adhering silver leaf with gold size to clear plexiglas.

It's party time. Everyone ready for a group photo?

Life and art tips -
From Maya Lin -
Don't not do something because of laziness.

From Candace Pappas (Chelsea, Michigan painter) -
If you're trying to decide if your artwork is finished or not, do this thought experiment. Image your piece alone on a white museum wall. You're walking down the hall, you turn the corner and see your artwork. Are you pleased?

The music from last week was Guy Clark from Keepers

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