Saturday, May 2, 2009

Encaustic Painting - week 4

Hi everyone, I hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend.
The information about this week's class is below our images.

Krissy - Nevada

Elizabeth - Stratosphere

Elizabeth and anyone else who is interested, I checked Stadium Hardware for Propane torches. They have one with a hose - a Bernzomatic Hose Torch for $43.99. It has a 4' hose. I think it is the same one I use or else similar. If anyone wants to call Stadium Hardware (734-663-8704) and buy it with your credit card, I'll be glad to pick it up and bring it to class for you. Please tell the Stadium Hardware person that I will be picking it up for you.

I'm not going to bring the white gesso unless someone asks me to.

What I'll be demonstrating this week:

2 ways of painting with wax on panels with images adhered to them
making shapes and lines with stencils
adhering an image to a panel - for Lisa and whomever wants to see it again
collage - for Lisa and whomever wants to see it again

What you may want to bring this week:

images or drawings to adhere to panels
the usual mass of encaustic bits

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